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· 2 min read
Hannah Roegele

Hi, have a look at the changelog for the latest updates in the fiskaly system.

Latest Updates

Roadmap to V2

We published our Roadmap to V2, and it is available at:

We finished phase 1...

… of our Roadmap successfully. This means following is done:

  • TSS Initialization
  • Client Handling
  • Authentication
  • Test only Environment
  • Documentation Update
  • Base-Url:
  • TX-Handling ~End-of-Week

Phase 2 is nearly complete! This implementation generates certified TSSs, thus clearing the hurdle of fiscalization for many years to come. From now on, we will be in a continuous process of improvement with each new deployment.


For a quick first demo, you may use Postman. We prepared a Postman collection that allows you to step through the most important functions of this API.

FAQ’s V2

We’ll soon push a new FAQ’s section: If you want to place some questions there, please reach out to

QR Code replaces readable TSS Signature

On June 25, 2021, the German Bundesrat approved the ordinance amending the KassenSichV. The addition to § 6 sentence 2 KassenSichV makes it possible to omit printing certain information in plain text on a receipt, and instead display it in a QR code. Source: Bundesrat (TOP 86) or read our Blogpost.

Online Seminars

In our next online seminars we talk about the law amendment and give you updates on our system. Join us and register here:

  • German: Thursday, July 8, 2021, 10:00-10:45 am CEST
  • English: Friday, July 9, 2021, 10:00-10:45 am CEST

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly

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Hannah Roegele

Hi, have a look at the changelog for the latest updates in the fiskaly system.

Latest Deployment Notes

fiskaly Dashboard v0.14

  • Show metadata of entities.
  • Fixed duplicates of organizations in the organization list.
  • Fixed DSFinV-K download button.

Management API v0.8

  • Fixed duplicate listing of organizations in rare cases.

DSFinV-K v0.8

  • Fixed TSE_SERIAL field in tse.csv.
  • Fixed UST_SCHLUESSEL field in business_cases.csv.
  • Fixed inserting Cash Point Closing with coupons.
  • Fixed count field on responses of list endpoints.
  • Performance improvements.

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly

· 2 min read
Johannes Ferner
Dr. Patrick Gaubatz
Simon Tragatschnig

Hi there,


The fiskaly Cloud-TSS has now been fully certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)! 🚀

"More than two years of planning, postponements, hurdles and changes, as well as improvements in requirements are behind us. Now the time has finally come! The certified fiskaly Cloud TSS is the first Cloud TSS to be certified for the entire duration! I am very proud of fiskaly and the incredible team effort over the last months." Johannes Ferner, CEO fiskaly GmbH

fiskaly is thus the only cloud TSS to accomplish the full certificate duration and is certified until 2029. The fiskaly Cloud TSS is 100% software-based and can be integrated into all systems and POS architectures.


Hard Facts about fiskaly Cloud TSS

  • the only cloud-based TSS with maximum certificate validity until 2029!
  • real cloudbased TSS without additional hardware requirements!
  • scalable operation & roll-out!
  • open for innovative retail concepts!

Download Certificates

You can find the official certificates below:

  • CSP-L - “Signature Server”
  • SMAERS - “Connector”
  • TR - “end2end Check”


IGZTK - Become a member

We recommend you to join the IGZTK - Interest Group of Future-Oriented Technology Manufacturers for POS Systems:


For questions or for congratulations you can reach your sales manager or our sales team at

Thank you very much for your trust and loyalty! Your fiskaly Team Johannes Ferner (CEO), Simon Tragatschnig (COO) & Patrick Gaubatz (CTO)


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