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ยท One min read
Hannah Roegele
Dr. Patrick Gaubatz

Hi, have a look at the changelog for the latest updates in the fiskaly system.

Current Changelog:

Management API (0.8.0)

  • Added new endpoint to remove a user from an organization.
  • Fixed the invite endpoint to invite new users to an organization.
  • Fix: Managed organizations could have had further managed organizations

Dashboard (0.12.0)

  • Managed organizations can be set to LIVE mode when the main organization is already in LIVE
  • The display name is now displayed over the real name of an organization
  • Users can now be removed from an organization
  • Fixed sorting for multiple tables
  • Fixed 'an unknown error' when new users were invited to an organization
  • Managed organization count fixed on the Dashboard
  • Typo fixes

DSFinV-K API (0.5.1-alpha)

  • Fixed E_TX_NOT_FOUND on cash point closings - with an empty transaction list or only transactions that contain errors
  • Fixed listExport with a client_id filter

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly

ยท One min read
Hannah Roegele
Elias Priesching

Hi, welcome to our dev newsletter. Check the changelog for our latest changes in the fiskaly dashboard.

Latest Changelog:

  • Fixed DE/EN translations
  • More consistent way of showing the display_name
  • Enable the Country Dropdown (non-germany) when creating new organizations
  • Added a new Count Widget to display the managed organizations
  • Added managed organization list to Settings > Organization Management
  • Fixed filter for state field
  • Fixed test banner when the organization is already set to LIVE
  • Fixed displaying empty fields of organization data

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly


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