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this section will be revised and adapted for the certified version 2 of the the fiskaly Cloud-TSS!

fiskaly provides the export functionality and integration possibilities specified by KassenSichV .

Pull (Retrieval from external system)​

In a Pull process, the archiving system retrieves data.

Exports can be requested, collected and processed via REST interfaces as described in the SIGN DE API documentation. This variant requires integration on the part of the archiving system. Here, exports must be initiated and retrieved.

In addition to the already existing interfaces, fiskaly will also carry out the integration with some well-known archiving systems and provide instructions for integration.

Push (Delivery by fiskaly)​

In a Push process, an archiving system receives data.

An integration of your archiving system using the push process would require custom development by fiskaly.

Automated export triggers​

Before an export (e.g. tarball) can be provided it must be triggered first. Triggering is possible via the SIGN DE endpoint triggerExport or directly via the fiskaly dashboard.

fiskaly can integrate a customized solution, which can, for example, recognize a daily closing in the cash register and trigger an export directly.

Automated export triggers are not included in the basic offer, as these are developed and operated at the customer's request, tailored to the customer's business logic.

An implementation of the export triggers can be ordered separately.


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