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Software Development Kit


this section will be revised and adapted for the certified version 2 of the the fiskaly Cloud-TSS!


The Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided by fiskaly. It consists of:

  • Interface for integration (see also, fiskaly TSS / TSS API)
  • CC-certified SMA component in binary, executable form
  • Optional components: compensation mechanisms for failure scenarios & logging of failure scenarios

The SDK is provided for various platforms and operating systems, including Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS; for 32 bit and 64 bit architectures.

Reference implementations are available for the most common languages and runtime environments:

These are all open source, and can be found at Due to the permissive MIT license, the SDKs can be modified, extended and distributed at will.

On request, we are also happy to create implementations for other platforms or languages.


Conceptually, the SDK represents an HTTP client, explicitly optimised for communication with our REST API (KassenSichV-API).

The SDK provides the following functionality:

  • Authentication with our REST API - reception and renewal of the JWT Authentication Token - is completely abstracted. This means that the integrator only has to specify an API key and the corresponding API secret.
  • Serializing and deserializing JSON requests and responses happens automatically.
  • Conformity with the requirements of the Protection Profile specified by BSI (BSI CC-PP-0105-2019). This requires that a local SMA component executed in the operational environment of the POS system takes over the incrementation of the transaction counter and the establishment of the trusted channel to the remotely connected CSP component. The task of the SDK is to address the SMA component, which is available in binary or executable form, and to abstract the use of the required functionality as completely as possible for the user of the SDK (i.e. the developer).

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