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License to use the fiskaly logos


This usage license refers to the current fiskaly logos. Their use is permitted exclusively for advertising the integration of the fiskaly TSE for marketing purposes.

Spatial restriction

The transfer of the rights of use is granted worldwide for exploitation in physical (print) media (without PDF), in online media, including social networks, in company networks and on the intranet.

Clarification of third-party rights

The Licensor declares that the submitted Work is free of third party trademark rights or design rights. These rights have been clarified by the Licensor.


The Licensee receives a simple right of use.

Time limit

The transfer of the rights of use is valid until revocation. The right of use is granted exclusively to customers of fiskaly with valid contracts during the term of these contracts.

Author's name

The Licensor waives the right to be named as the author.

Right to sublicense

The Licensee is entitled to transfer rights of use to third parties exclusively for the types of use for the specified purpose. The right of use shall apply exclusively to publications of the contracting party or companies directly affiliated with the contracting party. Any sub-licensing beyond this is excluded.


Changes to the Work are prohibited in any form.

The Work may only be used in its entirety. The removal or alteration of individual components is not permitted.


The Licensor warrants that it is in possession of all rights necessary to transfer the rights of use of the Work.

Commercial use

The Licensee is permitted to commercially exploit the licensed material. This permission refers to the use of the licence material in PR press kits and annual reports. The Licensee is granted the right to use the Licensed Material for advertising purposes.

Online advertising

The Licensee is entitled to use the licenced material for online advertising purposes. The use is limited to newsletters, display on websites, downloads, advertising in online magazines, online catalogues, exposés, PDFs, and banners.


The right of use entitles the Licensee to use the licenced material for advertising purposes in printed form. This use is limited to advertising in / on magazines, flyers, daily newspapers, posters, merchandise, brochures, exposés, product catalogues.

Images for physical products - No advertising

The Licensee is permitted to use the licenced material for non-promotional purposes on physical products. This use is limited to packaging, postcards, textiles, posters.

Editorial uses

The Licensor grants the Licensee the right to use the Licensed Material for editorial purposes.

The rights are granted for use in printed media. This use is limited to daily press, advertising journals, weekly newspapers, magazines, journals, online archives, and customer magazines.


The Licensee is entitled to editorial online use. This use is limited to portals, online newspapers, periodicals, intranets, blogs, apps, ebooks, epapers, newsletters, aggregators, and news portals/PR portals.

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