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Dev News 17

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Hannah Roegele


To give you a better understanding of fiskaly SIGN DE's system architecture, we have compiled all the relevant information about our system.
In the first part of our article, you can read more about the components of fiskaly SIGN DE and their functions within the system. In the second part, we explain our system in a legal context. Our article is only available in German.

fiskaly SIGN DE Architecture


Seminar fiskaly SIGN DE Architecture

To give the best possible insight, we additionally invite you to our next online seminar:

fiskaly SIGN DE System Architecture

When: Tuesday, 12.07.2022 - 11 a.m. CEST

Seminar language: German

After the seminar, you will be familiar with the architecture of fiskaly SIGN DE, and know everything about the compliant operation of the fiskaly Cloud TSS as well as the environment protection concept of the fiskaly SMAERS.

Register for the seminar

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fiskaly DSFinV-K is updated to DSFinV-K 2.3 as required as of July 1, 2022.

v1.6 - deployment 2022-06-30

  • Implements DSFinV-K 2.3 and DFKA taxonomy 2.3.

Note: Some changes must be addressed when using the DSFinV-K. Please have a look at the DSFinV-K legal text for more information.

  • Added a new format field for `Trigger an Export` making it possible to export Cash Point Closings into a ZIP instead of TAR.
  • Added new filters for `Trigger an Export` to export Cash Point Closings by their business_date (or export_creation_date as its fallback).
  • Added Guthabenkarte (with a lowercase k) to payment types.
  • Fixed exporting GuthabenKarte defined in the DFKA taxonomy and turning it into the corresponding Guthabenkarte as defined in DSFinV-K.
  • Fixed potential race condition when exporting Cash Point Closings.
    Clarifying the date field of a Transaktion reference.




Hannah from fiskaly

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