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Quick Start

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fiskaly uses Postman to help you integrate our products. Postman is a free software application that makes it easy to explore APIs.

We have created Postman collections that allow you to go through the most important endpoints of our products step by step.

Steps to use Postman collections

  • First, create an organization via the fiskaly Dashboard. Just register and follow the required steps. By default, the created organization will be in the test environment.

  • Then, create an API key. There are two options to do so:

    • Use the Management API endpoint createApiKey
    • Use the Dashboard and select Settings -> API Keys
  • Finally, you can get the relevant Postman collection and environment (links listed at the top). Have a look at our Guide to learn more about Postman. In this Tutorial, the SIGN DE collection and environment is selected. For all other fiskaly products, the procedure is similar.


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