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Exploring SIGN DE API V2

The best way to explore the SIGN DE API V2 is to use an application called Postman. An alternative is to use the Linux/Unix command line tool curl.

This guide uses Postman to provide examples for all the operations needed to set up a TSS, with its associated clients and transactions. You can check the details of each request and response, and easily test different scenarios.

What is Postman?

Postman is a free software application that makes it easy to explore APIs.

A Postman collection and a Postman environment provide a test system which includes all the necessary configuration for a particular API. Simply load these two files into Postman, and you are ready to begin exploring and testing.


It's recommended (but not necessary) to use this guide in conjunction with the fiskaly dashboard.

Note that this is a test environment, for testing and evaluation. Its persistence is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that all data from the test environment is wiped every once in a while, without prior notice.


This is a demo for the test environment, for which you will need to create new temporary accounts used only for testing and evaluation.

If you are a customer with a V1 account, your organizations and API keys are still valid for V2. You do not need to change anything in Production!

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