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Guide for new customers

This page gives an overview of how to set up your system, using a combination of the Dashboard and API requests.

We will look into:

  • how to create a managed organization
  • how to authenticate using an API key that has been created via the fiskaly Dashboard
  • how to create a TSS
  • how to create a Client
  • and how to create a Transaction


When you set up an account, you are prompted to create a new organization. This is your main organization, and all managed organizations are created beneath it.

Generally, each managed organization corresponds to a physical location.

API key and secret​

You first need to obtain your API key and secret via the fiskaly dashboard:


If you need further API keys, you can create them here.

Create a managed organization​

The Organization Management console allows you to create organizations, including managed organizations:


Initial authentication and setup​

Next, in order to prepare the system for day-to-day operations, we need to carry out some initial requests to set up the Administrator and the first TSS. This should be done using a HTTP client; you cannot use the dashboard.

The following diagram illustrates the process:


This sequence of requests can be integrated into a 'one-click' solution, which does not require any user interaction. The details of the implementation are up to you, the customer.

This gives you an overview of how to set up a simple system. A collection of all the requests can be found in the API reference, in this section.

The next page takes you step by step through an example.


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