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this section will be revised and adapted for the certified version 2 of the the fiskaly Cloud-TSS!

An overview of the most relevant terms in the context of KassenSichV and TSS.

CSPCryptographic Service Provider. A CC-certified component of the TSS for generating the signatures.
CTSSCertified Technical Security System. The certified component of the technical security system device (TSS).
CTSS APICertified Technical Security System Application Programming Interface. The interface to the actual TSS.
Electronic record-keeping system (ERS)Cash register or POS system, depending on the operational environment.
Management UIfiskaly cloud management interface. User interface for managing the TSSs.
Operational environmentThe environment that is within the control of the user. For example: server, network, routers, etc. that are physically controlled by the user.
SDKSoftware Development Kit. Encapsulates the CC-certified SMA component as well as communication with the fiskaly cloud.
SMASecurity Module Application. A CC certified component of TSS.
Storage mediumTypically a database, used for storing the secured fiscal data.
TC packageTrusted Channel package. Certified component for secure communication with the CSP.
TC proxyTrusted Channel proxy. Certified component for secure communication with the CSP.
TSSTechnical Security System: a set of components used to secure, store, and manage fiscal data.
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