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The fiskaly SIGN DE x Submission API allows the management of taxpayer, establishment, client and submission information pursuant to the requirements for submitting a declaration on the use of electronic record-keeping systems in § 146a (4) of the German Tax Code (AO) and section "1.16. Mitteilungspflicht nach § 146a Abs. 4 AO" of the corresponding application decree for the tax code (AEAO).


The SIGN DE x Submission API is in preview, so breaking changes in the API may still occur. It is currently limited to TEST submissions only. The current guides are intended to provide a first glimpse of what this service will look like.

The declaration requirement (Mitteilungspflicht) is currently suspended and is expected to become effective in Q1/2025. We are in close contact with the German fiscal authorities and will keep our customers informed about any updates on the timeline.

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