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An overview of the most relevant terms in the context of SIGN ES.

Cancellation FileIs the XML File created when an invoice is cancelled.
ClientAbstraction that allows to identify a POS system, application and/or client that issues invoices.
Device CertificateDigital certificate provided by Izenpe exclusively for TBAI use. It is associated to an invoicing device (POS, Computer, Server, Invoicing point, among others). Has to be registered and associated to the taxpayer's VAT Number (NIF)
Guarantor SoftwareName given to an invoicing software or application that has been registered in the TicketBAI software list of the Basque Provinces.
Registration FileIs the XML File created when a new invoice is issued.
Signing DeviceAbstraction that contains the taxpayer's information, TicketBAI software data and certificate used for signing and sending the files to the Tax Authority.
TBAIAbbreviation of TicketBAI.
TBAI FilesXML Files generated by a TicketBAI guarantor software, which is signed by a digital certificate and sent to the corresponding Tax Authority. They could be Registration or Cancellation files.
TBAI IdentifierName used to refer to the alphanumeric identification code that has to be included on the invoice.
TBAI LicenseCode provided by the Tax Authorities once the software is registered as a TicketBAI Guarantor Software. The license has to be provided when sending the XML Files.
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