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Optional Device Certificate

SIGN ES API uses device certificates for signature and sending of TicketBAI XML files. This device certificates are provided by Izenpe, a trust service provider for electronic signature services promoted by the Basque Government and the Provincial Councils.


This is an optional procedure for those integrators who wish to use their own device certificates in the SIGN ES API. If this is not your case, please refer to the Device Certificate section to understand how fiskaly’s managed device certificate makes the integration easier for you.

Device certificate creation: Step by step


In order to access the device certificate creation, you will need a valid Spanish digital certificate for identity identification or a BAKQ identification for the Basque Country.

1) Access the following website Izenpe and select "Access" for device certificates:

Access Device Certificate

2) Select "Management of device certificates"

Access Device Certificate

3) To create a new certificate, click on “Create request”. In this page you will also see the list of existing certificate requests.

Access Device Certificate

4) Here you can input the information for the creation of one or more device certificates. For this, you will need to provide the following information:

a. Device type: SIGN ES requires the device type to be of billing or invoicing point “PUNTO DE FACTURACIÓN”

b. Manufacturer’s name: We recomment to input the name of your company

c. Device model: SIGN ES requires that you input the company’s NIF in this field

d. Serial number of device: Maximum 32 characters (Alphanumerical32). We recommend that you indicate here a structure of at least 4 numbers, starting with 0000 and in increasing order.


If device type is not “PUNTO DE FACTURACIÓN” and/or device model does not correspond to the NIF of the taxpayer in SIGN ES API, the upload of the certificate will result in an error.

Once the information is completed, click on “Add device” and then “Save request”.

Access Device Certificate5) You will have to create a password for creation of the certificate(s).


Without this password, the certificate can’t be used.

6) Once the certificate is created, you will see three dots that allow you to:

a. See details of the certificates.

b. Download PDF with the request.

c. Download certificate file in P12 format.

Access Device Certificate

7) If you select to see details, (a) “Detalle”, you will see the information provided in item (4) plus the serial number provided by Izenpe for your device certificates, which is must be registered by the Taxpayer (See How do I register the device certificate?)

Access Device Certificate

8) Once you download the certificate in P12 format (As indicated in 6. c) you will be able to provide it into the SIGN ES API within the Create a signer endpoint by either introducing the private and public key or providing the P12 certificate in base64-encoded format and the password created in step 5.

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