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Key Characteristics of DSFinV‑K and SIGN DE

Key similarities of and differences between DSFinV‑K and SIGN DE.

Data Scope

SIGN DE requires only essential information about the transaction, such as the payment method and the amounts corresponding to each VAT rate.

DSFinV‑K, on the other hand, documents every transaction detail including product names, payment methods (cash, credit card, debit card, etc.) and currencies. The data is combined in a Cash Point Closing.

Processing Time

SIGN DE happens in real-time. The information is secured at the moment the sales process takes place.

DSFinV‑K is a retrospective view of all processes at a checkout, where transaction data from a day or shift is gathered, analyzed, and reported together in a Cash Point Closing. Cash Point Closings are created at a PoS at least once a day.

Export Format

A SIGN DE export (TSS export) is a TAR file including machine-readable signature log files.

A DSFinV‑K export in contrast is available both as TAR format as well as a ZIP folder (recommended) with human-readable CSV files.

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