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Dev News 12

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Hannah Roegele


Check out our latest updates:

SIGN DE v2.0โ€‹

  • Recertification of the new TSS / TSE is complete.
  • The new TSS / TSE will first be rolled out in the TEST environment: We'll inform you in our developer newsletter (Q1/2022).
  • The LIVE environment will follow a month later.

DSFinV-K v1.0โ€‹

  • Deployed 2022-02-02.
  • Improved performance of exports.
    Note: Cash Point Closings that were created before 2021-12-24 and would be included in an export will be postponed as that data is currently being migrated. We update the changelog once older data was migrated. See changelog.
  • Multiple bugfixes on various CSV files.
  • Fixed documented response types of list endpoints.

DSFinV-K v0.14โ€‹

SIGN AT v1.0-betaโ€‹

  • Welcome Austria to our product family!
  • First feature-complete and stable API.

fiskalcheck v2.0.1โ€‹

  • Fixed allows no payments when sum of VAT rate is 0.

fiskalcheck available on Android and iOS.

log4j + fiskalyโ€‹

  • fiskaly Sign API v2ย is not affected by theย critical vulnerability of log4j

How to deal with timeouts / system problems
Check out our new guide on how to deal with timeouts / system problems:
We talk about -ย How to:

  • Set timeouts correctly
  • Handle missing signatures
  • DSFinV-K and transactions
  • Authorization

How to deal with timeouts / system problems

Hannah from fiskaly

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