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Dev News 2

Β· One min read
Hannah Roegele
Dr. Patrick Gaubatz

Hi, have a look at the changelog for the latest updates in the fiskaly system.

Current Changelog:​

Management API (0.8.0)​

  • Added new endpoint to remove a user from an organization.
  • Fixed the invite endpoint to invite new users to an organization.
  • Fix: Managed organizations could have had further managed organizations

Dashboard (0.12.0)​

  • Managed organizations can be set to LIVE mode when the main organization is already in LIVE
  • The display name is now displayed over the real name of an organization
  • Users can now be removed from an organization
  • Fixed sorting for multiple tables
  • Fixed 'an unknown error' when new users were invited to an organization
  • Managed organization count fixed on the Dashboard
  • Typo fixes

DSFinV-K API (0.5.1-alpha)​

  • Fixed E_TX_NOT_FOUND on cash point closings - with an empty transaction list or only transactions that contain errors
  • Fixed listExport with a client_id filter

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly


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