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Hannah Roegele

We're excited to share some important updates and resources with you regarding fiscalization in Spain and our new product SIGN ES!

SIGN ES Integration and Testing​

Our product is now fully ready for integration and testing. We have extensively worked on enhancing its functionality and performance to meet your requirements and ensure compliance. Our Production Test environment is already available for you to try and it’s a matter of days until we enable Production Live. Stay tuned and subscribe to our change log for more updates.

How to get started?​

To get started, you can find detailed integration guides for new customers, but also for current SIGN DE customers on our developer website. These guides provide instructions on how to integrate our product effectively.

Postman Environment and Collection​

We have prepared a Postman environment and collection specifically designed for testing and providing a quick start to the integration of our API. With these resources, you can easily explore the capabilities of SIGN ES! You can access the Postman environment and collection on our developer website.

API Documentation​

In addition to the Postman environment and collection, we have prepared all the API documentation, including code samples ready for you. You can find these on our developer website.

We value your feedback and want to ensure you have a smooth integration experience. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at

Hannah from fiskaly


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