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Dev News 3

· One min read
Hannah Roegele
Elias Priesching

Hi, have a look at the changelog for the latest updates in the fiskaly system.

Current Changelog:

DSFinV-K v0.6.0

  • Added linked dtd file to export.
  • Better error handling on invalid time formats.
  • Fixed export_creation_date time format in listCashPointClosings.
  • Fixed MAX_PARAMETERS_EXCEEDED error for Cash Point Closings.
  • Fixed misleading E_CLIENT_NOT_FOUND error for Cash Point Closings.
  • Fixed input of incl_vat, excl_vat and vat and allowing up to 5 decimal places.

Management API v0.9.0

  • Added possibility to create main organizations in LIVE mode if the billing_options.bill_to_organization is set, the set organization is also in LIVE mode and a token with env:LIVE is present.
  • Added created_by_user field on multiple responses.
  • Fixed edge case where setting the billing_options.bill_to_organization for a MANAGED_ORGANIZATION raised an error.

Cheers, Hannah from fiskaly

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