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Webinar Series "Fiscalization in Spain" — Technical Integration SIGN ES

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Hannah Roegele

Webinar: Integrate SIGN ES

We are pleased to announce the fourth part of our webinar series Fiscalization in Spain. The fourth session provides essential knowledge for the effective integration of the fiskaly SIGN ES API for fiscalization in Spain. It is designed especially for integration developers, and is available for Spanish and English-speaking audiences.

You will gain the following insights:

  • Understanding Fiscalization in Spain & SIGN ES API: Familiarize yourself with the foundational concepts and role of the SIGN ES API within the framework of Spanish fiscalization.
  • Technical Deep Dive: Gain an understanding of the underlying technology of the SIGN ES to leverage its full capabilities.
  • Guided Onboarding Process: Receive step-by-step guidance during the onboarding phase, acquainting you with the dashboard and API navigation.
  • Essential Setup Procedures: See the steps required for the effective setup and implementation of SIGN ES.
  • Daily Operation Insights: Familiarize yourself with the daily operational functionalities and procedures associated with the solution.
  • Compliance: Understand the necessary compliance measures and regulatory requirements pertinent to the solution.
  • Validation Processes: Learn the techniques for accurate data validation with SIGN ES. Data Transmission: Understand the mechanisms for secure and efficient data transmission with SIGN ES.

Register to the Webinar:

English Webinar: “Fiscalization in Spain – Technical Integration SIGN ES”
Date & Time: Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 16:00 CEST. Register Here

Spanish Webinar: “Fiscalización en España – Integración Técnica de SIGN ES”
Date & Time: Thursday, November 2, 2023, 16:00 CEST. Register Here

Previously in Our Series:

Upcoming in the Series:

  • Webinar 5 (on-demand, available from November 6): Detailed Overview of SIGN ES Integration for SIGN DE Customers Register to access the webinar in English or in German

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