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Dev News 16

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Hannah Roegele


The previously announced update of the SIGN DE API on Sunday, June 5, 2022 is postponed.

We found an issue that was only detectable in large-scale and highly dynamic environments. As we need to address this bug correctly, we need to postpone the update. Therefore, the scheduled maintenance is no longer necessary and is canceled.

You as our customers feel no impact by this. The presently running certified TSS version (1.0.5-1.2.0) is stable and works reliably. Our SIGN DE Team put detailed information together in our blog post Postponed Update.

Big shout out to you!

Without your help in intensively testing our system, we wouldn’t have been able to detect the issue. So thank you for testing our API! 





As part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible support, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new support website.

The new fiskaly support website will improve the service we offer to our customers by facilitating access to information. While we are working on providing more and more information on this site, we welcome suggestions on the content and overall feedback.


Postman + fiskaly 

We now provide postman environments and collections for ALL our products. With Postman, APIs can be tested quickly and in a user-friendly way. Our Postman collections allow you to step through the most important functions of our APIs.

Try it out with our latest API, the eReceipt API, and implement it into your system. Bonus: The eReceipt is free of charge. ­

eReceipt + Postman


fiskaly SIGN DE

Test fiskaly SIGN DE API with Postman for KassenSichV compliant TSS integration. ­

SIGN DE + Postman


fiskaly DSFinV-K

Test fiskaly DSFinV-K API with Postman for KassenSichV compliant DSFinV-K Exports.

DSFinV-K + Postman



fiskaly SIGN AT

Test fiskaly SIGN AT API with Postman for RKSV compliance in Austria.

SIGN AT + Postman




eReceipt API is now available in our TEST environment and our LIVE environment. 




v1.4.0 - deployment 2022-05-20

  • Making it possible to use non-fiskaly TSS with fiskaly DSFinV-K.
    • We recommend exporting Cash Point Closings separately for each client_id for now when using non-fiskaly TSS.
  • Added new historic VAT definitions.
  • Added missing TSE_ZERTIFIKAT_V to tse.csv.
  • Fixed a problem when using historic vat definitions.
  • Fixed an error when sending larger quantity_factor.
  • Fixed query parameters for listCashPointClosings.
  • Fixed problem when vat_definition_export_id is being reused in another environment.


  • Read our blog post Postponed Update, which provides detailed information and FAQ on the postponed TSS update and the canceled maintenance on June 5, 2022.




Hannah from fiskaly

fiskaly website for developers:
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You can contact our support at ­



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